How To Talk Your Way Up The Career Ladder

public speakingAt one point or another in every person’s professional career they will undoubtedly find themselves suffering through a verbal presentation delivered by someone completely unskilled in the art of public speaking. The opposite will also most likely be true–some people possess such amazing skills they captivate us with their words and delivery.

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills any business professional can have. To some, this skill comes naturally. For others, just the thought of getting up in front of a group of people can be petrifying. There is hope for the latter, and it comes in the form of a quality public speaking course.

The purpose of public speaking courses is to improve all manners of speech to include off-the-cuff talks that come at a moment’s notice, job interviews, and formal speeches to large and small audiences. The key to picking the right course is to first realize the purpose of why one needs to take one. Here, we review three public speaking courses that aim to equip even the most nervous of orators with the skills necessary to wow any sized audience.

Coastal Carolina Community College’s Intro to Public Speaking

Jacksonville, NC’s local college offers a phenomenal introduction to public speaking in both a regular 16-week semester as well as an accelerated 8-week term that is specifically geared toward its professional students, including those on active duty at the nearby Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. In this course, students learn the fundamentals of public speaking to include learning key terms, studying famous speeches, and delivering different types of speeches themselves.

One noted graduate of this course is Christopher Pascale, the Chief Financial Officer of Portfolios With Purpose. He attended the course in 2007 while preparing to leave the Marine Corps.

Obviously, not everyone can attend the Intro. to Public Speaking Course at CCCC, but it is worth noting that there are many other community colleges across the country offering similar courses to working adults.

Dale Carnegie Course in Public Speaking

The Dale Carnegie course is comprised of 8 sessions that are 3.5 hours in length. This course has been going strong since 1912 and is broken down into three phases. The first phase involves connecting with others and building one’s confidence in social settings. The second phase deals with the motivation and coaching of oneself and others. And the third phase deals with leadership, including conflict resolution, attitude adjustments, and having effective meetings.

This course is a true winner that goes way beyond that of the entry level public speaking course, and should be considered by anyone who is in a leadership role, or seeking to be in one.

The Skill With People Handbook

Les Giblin’s Skill With People covers an incredible amount of ground in a few dozen pages from connecting with people, avoiding arguments because “no one wins an argument,” to how to give an effective speech. On the latter, Giblin stresses that giving a talk is the key, and to avoid a standard speech. The address should seem natural and free as opposed to being mechanical and solid.

This book should be in the briefcase of all young business men and women, because it contains the basics that never die. However, it lacks the real-life practice that the other two courses have, leaving it to the reader to create his own experience.

Overall, the Dale Carnegie course wins first prize. Coastal Carolina’s intro to public speaking comes in second, and Les Giblin’s pamphlet serves as a great complement to the two of them.

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Tonya Musser is a freelance writer who enjoys researching all things related to succeeding in business. Much of what she covers is about the importance of furthering one’s education. Check out more of her advice at Top 10 Online Colleges.

How To Be Successful In Business With Adult ADHD

Adult-ADHDADHD affects you mentally, emotionally and physically. It causes your mind to work more than it should in ways that it shouldn’t. This contributes to problems such as impulsive behavior and hyperactivity. Unfortunately, people are quick to pass judgement and will categorize you as something you’re not. Although their opinion can sting immensely and diminish self esteem, you can be the entrepreneur you dare to be. More importantly, you can reach the pinnacle of success and never again succumb to the pressure you face in your professional life. Just simply heed the following tips.

Success is Within Your Grasp

For starters, try a little seclusion. Instead of working amid others in some cubicle, find a quiet area where you’ll less likely be distracted. If you have to be in a group, work with those who are well organized and goal oriented; they can help you to remain focused.

One of your biggest challenges will be to remember key dates and essential information. Thus, it’s wise to get in the habit of carrying a planner that has a calendar because if you do, you can lay out your daily activities, take notes and record new tasks. Also, use your cell phone, your computer or any device that can send electronic reminders to you automatically.

With your tendency to get easily distracted and become disengaged, you should do tasks according to a schedule. Spontaneously checking emails and so forth will interrupt your flow and prevent you from handling other responsibilities. You should set realistic goals, not lofty ones.

ADHD affects your ability to multitask and be efficient at the same time. For that reason, don’t attempt to do all your assignments in a single session, but instead tackle one task at a time. Take a break between assignments, and once you complete them all, be sure to reward yourself.

As much as you can, allow an assistant to handle the small details in the projects you have to complete. This will help you to free up some time, so you can tend to other matters. Moreover, every chance you get, put in the effort to improve not only your concentration but also your interpersonal skills and your ability to relax despite the circumstances. Understand that it’s always a plus when you can remain active and engaged. Get up and walk around at least once every hour.

ADHD is a difficult condition to manage, but as you implement the tips in this article, your chances of being successful increase immensely. What’s more, your employer will be more inclined to trust you with working on bigger and more important projects.

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Gillian Spencer, author of Best Psychology Degrees, has worked with many adult ADHD sufferers in her 20 year career as a psychotherapist and wholeheartedly believes they have the ability to be successful in all of their personal and professional endeavors.

RoboCops Closer to Becoming a Reality

swatbotA report recently published by Yahoo! News describes a high tech company based in the state of Maine that often designs and builds equipment for Hollywood and the military. The latest innovation that the company has developed features a bullet proof shield positioned atop a tracked vehicle that resembles a miniature tank. The manufacturer constructed the remote controlled device as a useful crime fighting tool that provides first responders with enhanced protective ability.

Bot builders Geoff and Mike Howe explained that the SWAT styled robot, nicknamed the “SWAT Bot,” provides law enforcement officers and other members of the first response team with protection when approaching a building, encountering an armed individual or when faced with potentially hazardous confrontations.

Police officers assisted in the design constructed by the Waterboro company known as Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. Law enforcement officers and the Howe brothers had originally planned on introducing their revolutionary device in Boston. However, in lieu of the recent bombings, the “SWAT Bot” made its first appearance on Thursday at the nearby Sanford Police Department. The Chief of the Sanford Police Department commandeers a regional tactical police force and received training on the new device.

Police officers across the country often face various situations that pose a danger to officers and the public. In recent news, an Aurora, Colorado gunmen took three hostages when a SWAT team entered the residence and shot the suspect. Inside, officers found all the hostages dead. Many local police officers agreed that the robot would benefit officers when faced with confronting a suspect. As the robot costs $98,000, officers remain unsure of the affordability of the endeavor.

Robots as Tactical Defense

Working with robotic devices is not something new to tactical officers. Law enforcement members assigned to bomb squad units regularly operate remote-controlled devices that have the capability of locating and defusing explosives. Officers also commonly use robots equipped with cameras when evaluating a potentially dangerous location.

Some robots have mechanical arms that police use for positioning shields in front of building openings, which protects law enforcement officers from gunfire. Police also currently have armored vehicles that serve as barriers when officers confront armed suspects or when individuals remain within the confines of a barricade.

The “SWAT Bot” combines a number of devices used by tactical officers into one mobile unit. Though technological devices remain expensive in terms of repair or replacement, officers much prefer sacrificing machinery in attempts at sparing human lives. The Howe brothers continue receiving input from officers to improve the tactical robot.

The Best Jobs of 2012

Social and economic factors are fueling job growth in a number of professions. Entry into some of these fields requires little more than a high school diploma or a few weeks of vocational training.

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors are some of the best jobs for 2012. Job growth is a little above average with a median salary of $61,690 a year. The bottom 10% earned less than $38,940 and the top 10% earned more than $106,880. These people organize and help maintain financial records for companies. They calculate earnings and taxes due. Accountants and auditors generally assess the financial operations of businesses. Entry into this field requires a bachelor’s degree. The working conditions are full-time office hours with busier than usual times happening periodically during the year. They make the list due to high median salary and decent working conditions. Advancement in this field usually means acquiring the status of a Certified Public Accountant. People who are good with numbers are a good fit for this field.

Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teaching is another excellent profession of the year 2012. Job growth is only a few percentage points above the national average. The median wage of these teachers was $51,660 a year. The bottom 10% earned less than $34,390 and the top 10% earned more than $76,490. Elementary school teachers generally keep school hours. Their job is to teach the students basic subjects such as reading and math. Preparation for classes and grading homework is usually done in the evenings. Teachers usually do not work weekends or summers. Entry to this field requires a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certification to work in the public schools. The teaching profession has stresses and frustrations just like any other working environment. People best suited for this job are even tempered and generally enjoy working with children. Elementary school teachers made this list with a high median salary and working conditions that feature normal weekday hours along with extended time off. Advancement in this field requires moving into administration and becoming assistant principal or principal.

Resource: What do Elementary School Teachers do?


Nursing is one of the best professions of 2012. This will continue as a hot job for the next decade at least. Job growth is projected at 26% with the national average at 14%. The aging of the baby boomers will continue to drive the healthcare sector in terms of jobs and salaries. The median income of a nurse is $64,690 a year. The bottom 10% earned under $44,190 and the top 10% earners made more than $95,130 a year. This is a lucrative profession. Nurses work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals caring for patients. Registered nurses will operate medical equipment and give patients treatments and medicines. Nurses work long hours and odd shifts on a regular basis. The faint of heart need not apply for this profession. Nurses must deal with disease and death as part of the job. The patients they tend will range from children to the elderly and it requires a tough person to perform well in life and death circumstances. Entry to this field only requires a two year degree. However, advancement in the field will require additional education and training. Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, and Registered Nurse are some of the titles in this field. Each represents a different level of training and education. Nurses made this list due to high job growth and excellent median salary along with relatively easy entry to the profession.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Representatives

Wholesale and manufacturing representatives is a top profession for 2012. The growth outlook is slightly above average, but the median salary is $56,620 a year. The bottom 10% earned less than $26,970 while the top 10% earned $108,750 in a year. These earnings reflect salary plus commissions for sales and any applicable bonuses. Their job duties typically include finding new customers and maintaining relations with existing clients. They must sell the products to the customers. They do this by identifying need, negotiating sales prices, and finding acceptable terms for the company and the customers. There is stress in any job where salary depends upon successfully doing the job. This is a position for people who have an aptitude for sales work and like to travel. This field requires little education or training other than the ability to sell. The sales representatives make the list due to ease of entry and high median salary. Sales representative can advance to sales managers.

Truck Driver

Heavy and tractor-trailer driving is a good job for 2012. Expected job growth is at 21% which higher than the national average. The median salary is also higher than average at $37,770 a year. Top 10% earners made over $57,480 while the bottom 10% earned less than $24,730. This job is usually paid by the miles driven. Drivers transport goods from one place to another with their trucks. In some case, they must unload the trucks also. Learning to drive one of these trucks requires a matter of 5-6 weeks vocational training. The work environment is difficult since the drivers are away from home most of the time. Advancement means becoming an owner-operator of a truck. This is one job that looks to hire older workers due to their reliability. This job makes the list because of ease of entry to the field with above average growth and wages. Independent people who enjoy traveling might consider this line of work.

Post-secondary Teaching

Post-secondary teaching is another great job for 2012. Job growth is higher than average by only a few points, but the median salary is $62,050 a year. The top 10% earners made more than $130,510 and the lowest 10% made less than $30,720. Entry into this field requires a doctoral degree in the field they will teach. There are some exceptions where a master’s degree is sufficient to allow teaching. This is especially true at two year schools and technical schools. Working conditions in this field are quite good. These teachers educate high school graduates in a variety of fields. They pursue scholarly research and publish papers reflecting this research or books. The different ranks associated with this profession are assistant professor, associate professor, and professor. The goal of most professors is to achieve tenure. This puts them in a protected position where they cannot be fired without just cause. Tenured professors may advance to positions of dean or even university president. Post-Secondary teaching made this list due to good working conditions combined with high salary. Those who want to pursue academic research are the best candidates for this work. Read more about a career as a college professor here.