How Do You Get a Job Creating Website?

Anyone who wants to get a job creating websites will need the right technical training and credentials. Many website creators are self-taught, technically savvy entrepreneurs who use their extensive amateur portfolio and experience to get work. The best course of action for website developers is to earn at least a two-year technical degree and create a professional portfolio, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Get a Technical Degree

Website creation related degrees come in all shapes, sizes and specializations. These include concentrations in graphic design, multimedia development, mobile web computing and web game programming. A standard website design or development degree will teach students how to create media-rich, sophisticated and visually engaging websites. Students will learn how to integrate and transform text, sound, video and multimedia content from customized databases into seamless web experiences.

Students will learn popular programming languages, including PHP, CSS, Ruby, Python and JavaScript. They will understand website development standards and their associated business fundamentals and emerging technologies. This means that students will understand advanced techniques of web page layout, database integration and web site architecture. These degree programs teach students how to architect, design and build sites that meet aesthetic and functionality expectations. When it comes to projects, students may use web authoring tools and techniques to create dynamic web content and web-based games.

Get Website Development Experience

Anyone with technical aptitude and website knowledge can create engaging and user-friendly websites on their own. Aspiring website developers can learn how to design modern and creative websites within easy platforms like WordPress through online tutorials and guides. Doing so will help the website developer to create and customize elements on new and existing WordPress websites. This experience will help them learn how to access, manage and manipulate a vast library of WordPress themes and plugins for each project.

Working with a popular platform like WordPress will help the website creator learn how to troubleshoot PHP, CSS, HTML and MySQL development. They will know how to produce an original website with mobile site layouts and execute rapid and accurate layout revisions. A personal project will help the person learn how to become more organized, professional and self-disciplined. Personal website projects will help students learn project management skills, practices and techniques. It will also help them learn about technology like Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Work in Website Development

A technically trained employee who wants to move into website development should seek opportunities to assist internal website professionals. For example, they could volunteer to maintain and add new features to established e-commerce and internal administrative websites. This will train them to collaborate with business teams to determine site features, functions and required changes. They will observe and learn how to make design, technical and implementation decisions.

Working with website professionals is a great way to learn how to translate design requirements into developer friendly code, standard frameworks and application program interfaces (APIs). Students will be introduced to standard routine and protocol sets. They will have opportunities to learn how to create design concepts and solutions based on creative briefs, business needs and strategic plans. Editing website content will familiarize them with how to execute and produce communications for diverse media platforms.

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Those who wants to get a job creating websites can specialize in things like updating social media outlets, front end website management and customizing menus, plugins and themes.