Is it Worth it for Me to Get My Bachelors Degree?

Seeking higher education has become a much higher risk. Going to school is continuing to become more and more expensive. Sometimes it seems like getting anything more than an Associate’s Degree is just a huge waste of time. Depending on your individual situations, this may be true or false. However, there are many pros and cons to pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree.

Consider the Potential Earnings

On average, those with Bachelor’s Degrees earn $1,066 on a weekly basis. This is significantly higher than those that just have a high school diploma or even an Associate’s Degree. However, if you’re only continuing your education for money, you may want to think a little bit harder about your decision.

Consider the Costs

Continuing your education is more of a financial decision than anything. You have to take into consideration whether getting your degree is going to be worth the extra money you’re spending in school. A lot of people have to work part-time in order to continue their education. When people do this, they are missing out on a lot of money they could be making if they decided to forgo their education and work full-time. It is very possible that sticking with your job and working your way up from the bottom is preferable to going into even more debt as a student. Any decision to continue your education should be made on the basis that there is going to be some big payoff at the end.

Consider Your Personal Preference

In addition to being a financial decision, getting a Bachelor’s Degree is also a personal decision. You’re obviously in your particular field for a reason. Some people just love what they do and want to continue their education in order to explore more advanced and interesting concepts. When it comes to your education, there is absolutely nothing wrong with following your heart. Maybe money isn’t everything to you and you’re willing to risk a little more debt in order to do what you enjoy. Don’t listen to what anyone says about it, this is a perfectly valid reason to pursue your Bachelor’s Degree.

Consider the Current Employment Situation

Getting a job is a lot harder now. The unemployment rate is still a pretty high rate, despite the slowly growing economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for those with a Bachelor’s Degree is a modest 4.5%. If you’re worried about your potential employment situation, it’s advisable to go ahead to get your degree. With that being said, you may also already have a decent job. It may not be worth it to pursue your Bachelor’s Degree if all you’re worried about is employment.

Consider Your Competitors

With more people going to college, degrees are becoming more and more common. With the current economic situation, employers are able to be a little bit more picky in their potential employees. There are a ton of entry-level jobs that require prospective employees to have a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s. As the job market continues to become oversaturated with people with degrees, degrees start to be worth less and less.

Bottom Line

All in all, there are many different reasons why you may or may not want to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. By following your brain, your heart, and your wallet, you should be able to make an educated decision on whether getting a Bachelor’s Degree is for you.