What Are Best Careers To Get Into In 2014?

Don’t let the discouraging job market numbers fool you. There are some great career opportunities out there; you just have to know where to look for them. You also need to prepare yourself for these specific fields. This could mean some additional education and certification training. However, if you start planning now, you could land that dream job. The following are the best careers to get into in 2014:

Home Care Aides

At the beginning of this year, upwards of 60 million baby boomers were set to retire over the next several years. That is a huge segment of our population that is drifting into their golden years and they need to be taken care of. Entry into this field doesn’t require a lot of exhaustive training and you can expect to start out with a median salary of $20,000 a year with a lot of potential for growth especially if you are hired by agencies.

Medical Assistants

Thanks to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we are going to experience a big growth in healthcare related career opportunities. This doesn’t mean you have to head off to eight years of medical school to be doctor. Instead, consider one of the many support industries surrounding the healthcare field such as a medical assistant. Within this realm there are many areas that you can focus on such as physical therapy, radiology, diet and hospital administration. Most of these types of jobs require only a two year associate degree.

Veterinary Technicians

Taking care of our pets is almost as big an industry as taking care of ourselves. The veterinary field is expanding as well with projections of 41% increase in job opportunities by the year 2016 and a starting salary of $35,000. The vet business is booming and you can get involved with training at a two year vet school.

Financial Adviser

We all want to know what to do with our money and that is why becoming a financial adviser is a good career to go into. Again, this goes back to those baby boomers that are looking to retire and invest their savings to build even more financial security. Becoming a financial adviser doesn’t mean you have to open up your own shop but you can be hired by banks, lending companies and brokerage firms to help with their client base. Best of all, you can expect salaries in the $80,000 range.

Software Engineers

Imagine being on the ground floor of the next Google. You could if you had the skills of a software engineer. This is another area that will be in high demand and can also yield some impressive salaries. You’ll probably need at least a bachelor’s degree to get started but while you’re working you should also think about earning a Master’s to increase your earning potential.

Counselors for Addition Abuse

This is one of those careers you wish we wouldn’t need as a society but one that is extremely vital. There are many specific areas of substance abuse including drug, food, alcohol, sex and gambling. Each state will have different certification requirements but you should start out with at least a Master’s Degree in a particular area of study. This is another career area related to the expansion of health insurance. In other words, with more people covered there will be more opportunities to seek this kind of counseling and therefore the need for these specialists will increase.