What are the Benefits of Becoming a CPA?

CPAIt is important for accounting professionals to realize the benefits of becoming a CPA before they decide whether or not they would like to go through the qualification process. A CPA, which is a friendly term used in the field, is a Certified Public Accountant who has completed several years of formal training in accounting and business and who has also earned years of experience working in a public setting. To complete your training, you must commit your time and also your money. To some, the time and money spent is well worth it. To others, it seems like much too much of a commitment of a professional designation. Read on and learn the benefits of becoming a CPA and decide which class you fall into.

A CPA Earns You Respect in the Field While Helping You Stand Out

If you are all about being viewed as an elite professional and an expert in the field of public accounting, earning your license is the answer. Since CPA’s must complete years of academic training and must then move on to completing years of technical training, they will be able to earn respect from their peers who know that they are proficient beyond the standard professional, according to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. If you want to earn the prestigious title while still benefiting from the increased attention from employers, earning your license is the answer.

Enjoy Job Satisfaction and Job Stability at the Same Time

The demand for highly trained and experienced accounting professionals in the public sector is on the rise. Since most of the experts with decades of experience are set to retire, there is a need for professionals who will take their places. Unfortunately, to replace an expert you will need to be an expert yourself, and many do not fit into this classification. When you take the time to train and work in a practical setting, you can develop your career, secure your current role and even enjoy your more diverse set of responsibilities.

Work in a Role Where There is More Variety

If you get tired of doing the same thing on a daily basis, you can enjoy more variety by becoming a CPA. Not only can you work with accounting firms helping individuals, you can also specialize in different areas of accounting like international business, globalization, auditing and management consulting.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Most people take the time to train to eventually earn a higher income. Salary potential for CPA’s is much higher than the salary potential for non-CPA’s. Statistics show that CPA’s will earn an average of 10% more per year once they are licensed. This difference can add up quickly. You can also enjoy promotions within your workplace if you choose to be an employee or an executive.

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A great salary, great benefits, career growth and professional development are just some of the many benefits of going from an accountant to a CPA. If you want to gain more knowledge and you want to meet the new educational requirements set by CPA licensing boards, it is time to enter into a graduate program majoring in accounting or business, according to the American Institute of CPAs. Once you complete the 150 credit hours, check into the application process and study hard so that you can enjoy the benefits of becoming a CPA.