What are the Highest Paying Jobs Available in Hospitality Management?

Hospitality ManagementThe highest paying jobs available in hospitality management often exceed the six-figure mark for professionals who combine their education with a strong business acumen and customer service skills. Although the hospitality industry took a hit in the recent recession, there’s still over 15 million workers employed at hotels, resorts, restaurants, lodges, casinos, cruise lines, and other tourist hotspots across America. Entry-level jobs may be the most abundant, but there’s also ample mid-level and executive jobs for those with hospitality industry expertise. If you’re looking for advancement into the upper echelon to bring home a more lucrative salary, below are four of the top-paying management jobs available within hospitality.

Casino Property General Manager

Casino property general managers are responsible for managing all aspects of casino operations, including budgeting, staffing, house rules, property maintenance, security measures, regulation compliance, and customer satisfaction. Most casino managers need to have a bachelor’s degree and at least 12 years of relevant experience in gaming operations. Casino property general managers earn a median annual salary of $201,913, but some in larger casinos make upwards of $350,000 yearly, according to Salary.

Regional Chef

In the food and beverage division of hospitality, regional chefs typically have the highest average income potential. Regional chefs are given full management responsibilities for setting the menu, purchasing food, preparing new recipes, and training the chefs at restaurants in the region. Regional chefs must generally have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 10 years of chef experience. In return, regional chefs have a median annual salary of $117,358 and can earn upwards of $151,583 at times, according to Salary.

Hotel or Lodging Manager

Lodging managers work hard to make sure that guests have a pleasant stay at their hotel, resort, motel, lodge, or other type of accommodations. Hotel managers often will greet guests, establish guest service standards, hire or fire staff members, resolve lodging problems, create room rates, and keep track of profit. Most hotel managers have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and at least seven years of industry experience. The median salary is $99,845, but hotel managers can make up to $157,358 annually, according to Salary.

Corporate Travel Manager

Last, but certainly not least, corporate travel managers are hospitality professionals who specialize in helping organizations manage their business travel needs. Corporate travel managers are given the hefty task of reserving accommodations, setting budgets, negotiating airline fares, managing corporate travel accounts, establishing business travel policies, and handling other complex travel requests. In general, corporate travel managers must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years of experience. Travel managers bring home an annual median salary of $83,828 with the potential to make over $109,942, according to Salary.

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Although entry-level jobs like waitress, bartender, housekeeper, and chauffer aren’t exactly luxurious or lucrative, the hospitality industry offers some of the best career advancement opportunities. It’s possible that a minimum-wage job could be the perfect stepping stone for climbing the metaphorical ladder towards a six-figure salary in management. With experience and a hospitality degree, you can steer your career towards one of the highest paying jobs available in hospitality management.