What Careers Are Available With Internet-Based Companies?

Internet Based CompaniesAs the digital world continues growing and expanding, more and more students find themselves interested in the types of careers available with Internet-based companies. These companies offer both telecommuting and traditional job opportunities. Telecommuting lets individuals work from home, but the companies also hire people to work in their offices. These jobs range from security and marketing to customer service and writing. If you have an interest in working for an Internet-based company, think about some of the jobs open within those companies.

Security Positions

Whether a company does some business out of its head office, or the majority of work takes place online, the company still needs security personnel. Cyber security experts help companies remain safe from hackers, glitches and other computer problems. Both Target and Walmart experienced problems with hackers breaking through their systems and stealing credit card and personal information from shoppers. Cyber security experts install firewalls and other safety features, and they frequently check the systems to ensure that there are no breaches and no potential threats.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

The careers available with Internet-based companies include both inbound and outbound marketing. Also known as advertising sales, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median wage per year for advertising sales experts is around $46,000 a year. The main difference between inbound and outbound marketing refers to how those workers make sales. Inbound agents typically make sales to people who specifically call the company to make a purchase. This might include companies that run television commercials, host infomercials or run ads in newspapers and magazines. Outbound agents receive leads, which refer to people potentially interested in making a purchase, and they call those leads directly. Some agents cold call potential customers to find leads.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives work for a wide range of companies, including online stores, cable television providers and financial institutions. While they may process orders placed by customers, they generally try to keep customers happy. Every time that you call the toll-free number listed on a product, you reach a customer service representative. Those representatives listen to complaints and find ways to resolve those complaints. They might issue a refund, give a dissatisfied customer a gift card or offer to replace a faulty product. Many customers now let representatives work from home over a computer and a dedicated phone line.

Writers and Editors

The types of careers available with Internet-based companies now include writers and editors as well. Writers create content for websites ranging from stores and hospitals to banks and car dealerships. Companies that primary exist online need to find the right number of keywords to bring in potential customers and make sales, and the owners of those businesses often use writers to produce that content and editors to check for grammar and spelling errors that might turn off shoppers. Writers are also the ones creating short clips that companies use on social networking sites, including tweets on Twitter and status updates on Facebook.

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When you work for an online company, you might spend most of the day working from home or in a small office with just a few people. Learning more about the careers available with Internet-based companies, including jobs as marketing experts and writers, can help you see what the future holds when you work for one of these companies.