What Careers are in Finance?

financeIf you are an analytical individual with the innate ability to problem solve, you may want to consider pursuing careers that are in finance. To be a successful finance professional you need to be more than just professional. While that is an important trait that all finance employees need, it takes someone special who has an inherent ability to adapt and to communicate to really become a good candidate for different roles in the finance industry. While ambition can drive you far, you will need to know where you are going before you can enter into the appropriate academic program to build your awareness and financial skills. Here are some careers in finance that might be right up your alley.

Careers in Investment Banking

While investment banking is one of the first paths that pops into someone’s mind when they think of working in finance, there are several different roles that you can pursue down this path that you might not even be aware of. Those who want to set their own salary and earn money based on performance often focus on becoming an investment banker, but to some the idea of controlling someone’s financial livelihood is all too stressful.

There are many other titles in banking that include investment banking analyst, who is an administrative professional who analyzes data, or Managing Directors who understand economic environments and are responsible for strategic planning when they shift. Regardless of the junior or senior level position that you choose, investment banking is a career area that comes with stress and long hours.

Careers in Commercial Banking

Commercial banking offers a wide variety of roles to individuals who have studied finance or have several years of experience in the field. There are both customer-facing roles and those where you can work behind-the-scenes. You can work as an entry-level teller even while you are in school, a leasing agent, a finance office working with international clients, or a credit card banking specialist. If you would prefer to work behind-the-scenes, you can work as a credit analyst, a loan underwriter, a loan servicer, or in general operations.

Careers in Financial Planning and Advising

If you love to help people and you would feel like you would be entering a fulfilling role by helping clients save and plan for the future, you may want to consider financial planning or advising, according to Investopedia. Financial planners help their clients choose different investment products or insurance policies. They may either simply recommend a product, or if they are licensed, they can sell the product direct to the consumer. You can purse a position in financial planning if you study for a degree in accounting, business, economics, or finance. You will also need to discover what types of securities licenses that you will need if you want to earn profits in selling financial products.

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Since money is what we use to survive and maintain a certain quality of life, finance is a sector that is never going to go away. While the sector will grow and shift over time, you will always be able to find an area in finance where there is a demand for educated professionals. Make sure that you take time to compare the careers that are in finance so that you can choose one where you can use your skills and abilities to your advantage.