What is the Best Degree For a Job in Human Resources?

Human ResourcesWhen preparing to enter any career, future professionals often consider the best path, and future human resources professionals might ask the question, “What is the best degree for a job in human resources?” There are a number of educational options for gaining knowledge and skill in this area of business operations for a future career.

Undergraduate Degree in Human Resources

Human resources managers and specialists are the driving force behind the administration of all operations involving employees in every type of organization or company. Human resources professionals spend the work day developing or delivering training material, interviewing, managing benefits and compensation, and completing and processing paperwork. A Bachelor’s degree in human resources is a start to gaining the knowledge and skill needed to perform these responsibilities and more.

In an undergraduate human resources program, there are a number of different courses to complete. In addition to general education and business core classes, students will also complete coursework in the major area of human resources. Examples of courses that are likely to be a part of this degree program include organizational development, human resource management fundamentals, strategic human resource management, emerging issues in human resources, managing change, risk management in human resources, and employee development. Students will also complete a number of courses to help a student prepare for the legal situations that might arise. These courses will likely include legal issues of labor relations and employment law.

For candidates interested in human resources management, continuing on to complete a graduate degree in human resources management might also be required or beneficial.

Human Resources Concentrations

In many business programs, students have the opportunity to concentrate in one particular area of the field. A concentration in human resources or human resources management within the business administration degree is a solid start to gaining the qualifications needed to begin a career.

Courses vary depending on the requirements of the program, but there are a number of classes that are likely to be completed. A specialization in human resources is likely to require a number of general business credits along with course work in leadership, human resource management, training, performance and compensation management, staffing issues, employment law, and employee relations.

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Other Degree Programs and Professional Certifications

A degree in business or human resources in not necessarily required in order to enter the field, however. Other degrees that often qualify candidates for human resource professional positions include communications, English, psychology, and education.

With a degree in a field other than human resources, many future professionals will find it beneficial to obtain professional certifications. Examples of human resources certifications that are helpful include the Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources, Global Professional in Human Resources, Human Resource Business Professional, and the Human Resource Management Professional. For additional information on these certifications, visit the Human Resource Certification Institute.

Qualified professionals in the field of human resources are increasingly becoming desired and necessary for all types of businesses. Human resources professionals handle everything from hiring and termination to employee training to conflict resolution. Starting a career in human resources is a solid-move in today’s job market.