What Types of Jobs are Available with a Marketing Degree?

marketingWhether you’re just starting your bachelor’s or finishing up your master’s, you may be surprised at number of different types of jobs available with a marketing degree. In fact, many could argue that the skills earned in a marketing program can be applied to every hiring industry in today’s economy. All businesses benefit from hiring marketers who can promote their products or services to drive increases in sales. Although less common then general business degrees, marketing degrees give specialized training to prepare graduates for conveying the right message that makes consumers open their wallets. The following are the most popular and in-demand marketing careers available for persuasive folks looking to boost company profit, according to Forbes.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers work in senior-level executive roles to give the final say on planning, directing, and coordinating the development of marketing campaigns. Marketing managers must bring several company departments together cohesively to carry out policies that maximize the organization’s share of the market. Working in marketing management is rewarding because managers do their part to growth the company’s success while making sure customers stay satisfied. There’s also the added benefit of the high average annual salary of $137,400 given to marketing managers.

Market Research Analyst

As perhaps the fastest-growing marketing career with jobs projected to rise 32 percent, market research is a specialized niche focused on studying current market trends to determine the potential sales for a new product or service, according to Marketing Profs. Market research analysts utilize complex statistical software to gather important data on consumer wants and competitors. Analysts could collect this useful marketing data by conducting interviews, surveys, polls, questionnaires, focus groups, case studies, and other research methods. Marketing graduates can enter this career with a bachelor’s degree and reap a mean annual wage of $68,700.

Advertising Sales Director

Advertising sales directors use their at least five years of field experience to design, implement, and supervise their employing organization’s overall advertising strategy. Sales directors are usually involved in setting advertising goals, analyzing profit data, setting sales quotas, projecting company sales, monitoring consumer preferences, preparing budgets, developing media kits, and building client relationships. Advertising sales directors are affectionately known as the “coaches” of the sales team by overseeing customer representatives. In this role, you can expect to bring home an average salary of $126,040.

Promotions Manager

Graduates with a marketing degree could also work as promotions managers to direct campaigns that combine advertising with unique purchase incentives that draw in buyers. Promotions managers are given responsibility for spearheading their company’s use of discounts, samples, free gifts, coupons, contests, and rebates in an effort to boost sales profit. They play an important role in identifying market conditions to determine the best timing for running these promotional programs. Promotions managers are rewarded themselves with a handsome average annual salary of $114,700.

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Overall, a degree in marketing can take you in several different career directions to help create and enhance brand image in today’s cutthroat competitive business world. After attending an accredited business school and gaining some internship experience, graduating marketing students are in good shape for entering some of our country’s most in-demand fields. Along with the types of jobs available with a marketing degree mentioned above, you could also be a good fit for becoming a brand manager, account executive, media coordinator, product development manager, corporate communications manager, public relations specialist, or eventually Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).