Which Financial Careers Have the Most Potential For Job Growth?

Financial AdvisorWhile finance in general is a hot career field, there are certain financial careers that have the most potential for job growth within the field. Whether you’re already in school for finance and attempting to tailor your career path or you’re considering pursuing a degree in this lucrative area, these are the jobs within finance that ensure that you’ll have plenty of stability and growth opportunities for years to come.

Personal Financial Advisor

These finance professionals help individuals manage their investments and wealth, researching the best financial options and helping with insurance, taxes, and other personal financial decisions. Personal financial advisors earn an average annual salary of $67,000 and usually have a bachelor’s degree along with one or more professional certifications. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 27 percent job growth in this career by 2022, resulting in more than 60,000 new jobs.

Cost Estimator

If you’re interested in both finance and construction, this fast growing occupation fits the bill. Cost estimators are responsible for analyzing large building projects and figuring out what the projected cost is from start to finish. Those in this role earn an average of $58,000 per year and typically have a bachelor’s degree in finance, mathematics, or a related field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 26 percent job growth by 2022, resulting in 53,000 new jobs.

Financial Analyst

These professionals provide advice to both individuals and businesses on investment decisions using careful research and analysis. Financial analysts earn an average annual salary of about $77,000 annually; while it’s possible to attain this position with a bachelor’s degree, many financial analysts have a master’s degree. Seventeen percent job growth in this field is predicted by 2022, with an estimated 39,000 new jobs for financial analysts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Accountants and Auditors

The category of accountants and auditors encompasses a wide range of financial roles, including preparing and examining financial records and ensuring the sound financial management of businesses both small and large as well as government agencies. Accountants typically have a master’s degree and a CPA certification, and earn an average annual salary of $63,550 per year. Job growth in this field is projected at 13 percent, which, although it sounds modest, accounts for more than 166,700 new jobs by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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If you’re considering a career within the financial realm, any of these roles is an excellent choice. Most jobs in finance are high paying and allow for an exceptional quality of life, though long hours and travel are sometimes required. In general, jobs that require more specialized expertise will have faster job growth than entry level careers in finance, which are increasingly delegated to administrative staff and downsized in favor of electronic solutions. In addition, these four careers offer a wealth of stability as the financial careers that have the most potential for job growth.