What do Elementary School Teachers do?

If you are thinking about entering the education field, the question of “What do elementary school teachers do?” is one that might occur to you. Elementary school teachers instruct children in the earliest yeas of their education. They give young children the basics of topics like math and reading, and in many cases, they also end up instructing children in simple social behaviors. This position is one that requires patience, understanding and a certain amount of stamina when it comes to dealing with young children. Like other teaching positions, it involves having three months during the summer free.

Degrees and Experience Needed

Teachers who work in elementary education must at least have a bachelor’s degree in teaching. In addition to this, teachers who wish to teach in a public school must have a license or a certificate issued by the state. However, the regulations do change for elementary school teachers who are working in private schools. Elementary school teachers are also expected to make to undergo a student teaching experience while they are at school. This experience may involve everything from shadowing an experienced teacher to taking over certain classes on their own. In some cases, an elementary school teacher might go on to get a master’s degree as well, something that will open up more employment opportunities and a higher pay rate.

How Much Does an Elementary School Teacher Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of an elementary school teacher is around 51,000 dollars per year. This figure denotes a salary; though elementary school teachers do work a set amount of hours at the school, they also spend a fair number of hours every night on grading and lesson preparation. This figure varies based on where the teacher is located and whether he or she has any additional certification. Before venturing into the field, it is often a good idea to investigate the salaries of the teachers where you hope to teach. Finding a local median is often more useful for learning what a prospective salary might end up being.

Future Prospects

The positions for elementary school teacher are expected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow by as much as 17 percent from 2010 to 2012. This means that there will be more jobs in the next ten years. Many schools are now seeing a smaller ratio of students to teachers as being desirable, and because of that, more school districts are willing to hire. However, it is important to remember that this growth will not be even over the entire country; employment will depend on that a certain school district’s ability to pay as well as the expertise and ability of the teacher.

When you are considering what does an elementary school teacher do, you’ll find that it is best to look at the whole process. It is far too easy to say that an elementary school teacher instructs young children; their responsibilities include administrative duties and communication with the parents involved.