Will My Online Degree Will Get Me a Job?

online collegeA college degree can help you earn more money at your current job or put you on the path to the career of your dreams. Working a full-time job makes it extremely difficult for many people to deal with the rigid schedule of going to school at a brick and mortar university. Earning a degree online allows you to work on your schoolwork whenever you want instead of trying to schedule classes around your other responsibilities.

Traditional Degrees vs. Online Degrees: What is the Difference?

There usually isn’t a difference between an online degree and one you would earn by attending classes at a college campus. You learn the same material, just in a setting that is more convenient for your schedule.

The question that most people interested in obtaining an online degree ask is whether it will be as well accepted as one earned on a college campus. The answer to this will vary based on many different factors.

Degree-Granting Entity

Some employers may be concerned when it comes to the legitimacy of a school they have never heard of. In some cases, they are right to tread with caution. Many institutions grant degrees on “life experience” rather than actual completed coursework. Your best bet is to get your degree from an accredited institution and do your research.

The Level of Your Degree

Bachelor’s degrees from online institutions seem to be met with the most skepticism by potential employers. Gaining a master’s degree from an online institution gives students more clout in the workplace.

Field of Study

Online students will be met with less resistance in the workplace if they obtain degrees that are knowledge-based. IT, English and Accounting are all popular degrees that are knowledge-based. Regardless of what you choose to study, if you are working full-time while pursing an online degree, some people that interview you will view it as a mark of determination.

The Industry in Which You Hope to Be Employed

Some industries are more receptive to potential employees with online degrees on their resumes. Not surprisingly, fields such as New Media and Technology are the most likely to accept online degrees. Law and medical professionals will be met with more skepticism.

The Most Important Factor: Individual Hiring Managers

With most hiring situations, it all boils down to who interviews you and their personal preferences. Some people think work experience is far more important than your academic history. Others put more weight on academics and other accomplishments. If you are at the beginning of your career, you will likely see more emphasis put on your academic record because of your lack of work history.

Ultimately, only you can decide what type of degree will work best with your personal journey. Rest assured that with the right experience an online degree could be the final stepping-stone to the career you want.

About the Author

Daphne Smith researched the Top Degrees Online before deciding to earn her journalism degree at high-ranked online university.  She now encourages others to consider this viable education option, especially if they are already employed full time.